Anthony Mann

Anthony Mann is the founder of Human Interface Design company, Make Us Proud

Make Us Proud creates products and services that people love to use. We work for anyone who needs more than a technical solution, working with start-ups to large companies, from GENIAC to Google.

Every member of the Make Us Proud team is a ‘unicorn’. We are artists and designers as much as experienced and qualified technical engineers who think and work directly in the medium. This lets us create solutions that unfold quicker, work better for the user, and are quantifiably enjoyable. Achieved through a combination of Interaction and UX Design, Engineering, Visual Design, Service Design, User Testing, Psychology and Ethnography. Quite simply, we're interested in solving user problems though great design and engineering.

Prior to Make Us Proud, Anthony worked with Apple, focusing on creating engaging customer experiences through strong interaction and engineering.

Talk: Thinking in Enaction

Interaction design is a process of exploration and learning. Great interaction designers need tools and processes that help us evolve our ideas; tools that augment how we think. This talk explores how you can create aesthetically pleasing interactions, quickly. Founded on an understanding of how we think and learn through experimentation.