Danny Bluestone

Danny Bluestone is the founder and Managing Director of Cyber-Duck, a digital agency based in leafy Hertfordshire.

Danny created Cyber-Duck’s in-house agile user centred design (UCD) process in 2005. He has worked alongside Matt Gibson to refine the UCD process by introducing lean insights, creativity and technology best practices. As an experienced interaction designer and art director working in the field since 2000, Danny gets involved in helping to ensure that a superior user experience is at the very forefront of every project.

Danny is a firm believer in standardising the UCD process via standards like ISO 9241:210 in human centred design and ISO9001:2008 in quality management systems. Putting standards aside, Danny gets involved in experimenting with technology via R&D projects that have turned into profitable businesses.

Workshop: An introduction to user centred design and the connected home

This workshop delves into the core principles of user centred design and how it can help designers, developers and product owners build better experiences for their users. Our subject this year takes on the IoT movement. We're aiming to take you out of your comfort zone and embrace the physical world by designing a web/smartphone app for an internet connected dishwasher.

By putting our user at the centre of our design process we can create better and more delightful experiences. Through hands-on activities we will explore techniques for implementing a more agile UCD process from researching and effectively gathering requirements to prototyping, testing and refining designs when faced with constraints such as budget and time.

You'll learn:

  • To consider the internet as a physical object that isn't just confined to a screen
  • Outline of system designs, API limitations and the role of a UX professional within
  • The importance of user research driven design and how to gather user requirements
  • How to create flow of control diagrams
  • How to storyboard app screens, use components and build pattern libraries ​