Their workshop will be run by members of Google’s UX team, all of whom have participated in the application of principles driven design across a diverse assortment of products ranging from Ads & Commerce, Search, Maps, and Social spaces. The mentors represent multiple disciplines inside the company—including visual design, interaction design, motion and UX engineering—with industry and professional consulting experience that ranges from 5–20 years.

Workshop: Principles-Driven Design Workshop with Google

Please bring a laptop with you

In this 3 hour immersive product design session, you’ll learn the principles at the heart of Google’s Material design language from the diverse user experience team that made it possible. Whether you’re a visual designer or like to be creative with code, during this fast paced workshop you’ll receive direct mentorship as you collaborate with your peers on tandem disciplinary tracks. Choose between a focus of interaction design, visual design, motion design, or UX engineering as we explore the methodology behind creating products that are both usable and delightful.

Each track is intended to pace in tandem with the other tracks, ultimately converging to…

Visual & Interaction Design

  • Dive into Material Design, from its origin to its application
  • Quickly and collaboratively explore a spectrum of design solutions
  • Refine and document the user flow

Motion Design

  • Principles of animation
  • Define motion specifications
  • Concepts of animation in Material Design
  • Sample project setup

UX Engineering

  • Material Design interactions and patterns
  • Animation performance and code reusability
  • CSS animation
  • Javascript based animation using Greensock and TweenMax

Limited to 30 attendees.

Due to the complex format of the event and the attendance limit, Google ask that those who have a disciplinary focus in either Interaction Design, Visual Design, Motion Design, or UX Engineering participate.