Brad Frost

Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, writer, and consultant.

Brad is passionate about creating Web experiences that look and function beautifully on the never-ending stream of connected devices, and is constantly tweeting, writing and speaking about it. He’s also created some tools and resources for web designers, including This Is Responsive, Pattern Lab, WTF Mobile Web, Mobile Web Best Practices. Brad is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Clearleft says

Brad is such a charismatic speaker, we had to arm wrestle for him with one of our other conferences — A Responsive Day Out. Fortunately we won, so are super excited to have him share his thoughts on modular design and the mobile web at UX London. If you enjoyed Luke W last year, you’ll love Brad!

Talk: Working with Atomic Design

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the web community create style tiles, element collages, style guides, pattern libraries, and a slew of other tools in order to break interfaces down to their atomic elements. Our interfaces are going more places than ever before, so this shift is essential to help us better understand what our websites consist of in order for us create smart, scalable, maintainable designs. This session will introduce atomic design, a methodology for creating robust design systems, and discuss how UX designers can use a pattern-driven workflow to make designing for our multi-device Web without going mad.

Workshop: Responsive Patterns

Please bring a laptop with you

Creating adaptive interfaces is challenging, but thankfully the Web community is hard at work creating flexible, downright innovative design patterns. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to handle anything you can put onto a Web interface in a responsive way. We’ll cover important layout patterns, navigation both simple and complex, conditional loading, the ever-confusing topic of responsive images, tricky elements like data tables and maps, forms, and a whole lot more!