Meng To

Meng To is a UI/UX Designer and author of Design+Code.

Meng is a self-taught designer who travelled the world after being denied a US work visa. During his travels, he wrote his first book Design+Code, teaching code to designers and design to developers. The book sold over 7,000 copies, allowing him to organise workshops all around the world. He has written a number of popular articles about Sketch and Swift, which are the main topics of his workshops. He is now based in San Francisco.

Clearleft says

If you’ve not been following the meteoric success of Meng’s self published book—design + code—you really should. It’s possibly the most important UI design book of the last few years, so this workshop is going to be vital for any interaction designers looking to keep their skills relevant.

Workshop: Sketch Workshop

Please bring a laptop with you

Sketch is the Mac of design tools. It comes preloaded with essential templates and tools for UI design right out of the box. In Meng’s workshop you’ll learn how to design for multiple screens and for devices like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and create a user interface from scratch in full vector using key features like Artboards, Pages, Symbols and Mirror. You’ll also learn how to work with Rulers and Grids, how to design a basic icon, and how to deliver assets as well as style guides using Sketch Plugins. Get familiar with iOS 8 design, specifically about concepts like colours, typography and animations. Finally, you’ll learn about quick prototyping tools to make your designs come alive.

Workshop: Swift Workshop

Please bring a laptop with you

Finally, a language that designers can understand. Swift is a modern language that is familiar to Web designers using a syntax that is similar to Javascript. In this introduction course, you’ll learn how to code user interfaces in Swift Playground, re-create a design in Storyboards layer by layer and code simple animations. You’ll also be able to prototype quickly and apply modern iOS 8 animations using spring and gestures. Most importantly, learn how to collaborate better with developers by getting familiar with the same tools, frameworks and language that they use.