Steve Cable

Steve heads up the interaction design practice at cxpartners. He's worked on transformative projects for, Jaguar and In his spare time Steve designs and builds games. It's this blend of character design from gaming and front-line UX experience that he'll bring to life for you in the workshop. Steve is a co-author of Communicating the User Experience.

Workshop: Getting UX stuff done

This hands on workshop will dig into cxpartners’ innovation toolbox to show how you can move beyond minimum viable product to minimal viable experience - and deliver delight to customers.

You’ll leave armed with:

  • A simple way to create a project roadmap, and communicate it to stakeholders and team members.
  • The know-how to fight against feature-itis and advocate for a focus on the holistic user experience.
  • Techniques for injecting character into your interaction design.

And along the way you’ll learn about:

  • Communication tactics for getting the most out of decision makers, clients, developers and non-expert colleagues.
  • Techniques and tools for keeping yourself and your colleagues organised.