Jenna Marino

Jenna Marino is co-founder of design studio, Hanerino

Jenna is a designer whose focus is on providing superior user experiences across all device platforms, especially when it comes to mobile and television applications. She’s the sensible half of Hanerino, a design studio she and her now husband started in 2009. Together they work with clients big and small, and she’s currently tasked with the design effort on Univision’s products for the web, TV and mobile devices.

Jenna’s experience over the years has taken her from print design to interactive applications for all devices. She spent time at agencies like TMP Worldwide and Saatchi & Saatchi before moving to Boston, eventually transitioning to a remote employee working on Blockbuster Digital’s apps for iPhone, Android and Samsung devices. When she’s not working or engaging with the design community in Rochester, New York, Jenna pushes herself to be a better runner while training for her second marathon.

Clearleft says

We’re probably biased as we’ve known Patrick and Jenna since the SXSW days, but they’re fantastic people so we’re looking forward to unleashing them on the UX London crowd. As an agency we’ve dabbled in the interactive TV space, but realise there’s so much more to learn, so we’ll be front and centre for this workshop!

Talk: One App, Two Apps: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Screens Big & Small

Patrick Haney & Jenna Marino, the husband/wife team at Hanerino, take you through their Dr. Suess-inspired journey of designing for screens big and small. During their talk, they’ll touch on best practices and pitfalls to avoid when working on applications across smartphones, televisions and of course the web. Using a highly visible application as an example, Patrick & Jenna will review their process and tips for designing a successful, cross-platform product for multiple devices.

Workshop: From Second Screen to First Screen: Design for TV and Mobile

Application design is all grown up, which means a designer’s job is just that much harder. How do you create an interface for 50" televisions that scales to a 5" smartphone? Hear firsthand from two seasoned designers who have worked through this scenario and learn how to design for televisions and their second screen companions.

Patrick & Jenna will guide you through the process of creating a “smart” TV application and the second screen experience that enhances it. You’ll find out how to deal with brand and style guidelines, native application interface elements, navigation devices and much more. And they’ll also talk about testing your application before it ever hits the big screen.

During this workshop, Patrick & Jenna will talk about:

  • Common design patterns for large screens and how they differ from small screens
  • When and how to follow brand design patterns over device design patterns
  • Designing for both sequential and simultaneous usage between two devices
  • The process of designing apps for large and small screens and communication between design teams
  • How users navigate interfaces on televisions with or without a second screen application
  • Testing your designs on physical and virtual devices
  • Where to find documentation, if it exists, and how to write your own